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How Anton Aesthetics MD built a successful practice

Author: sdadmin

Search Engine Optimization. Landing pages. Bounce rates. Call to Actions. The high-tech marketing lingo that is now becoming part of the everyday business vernacular can be a little overwhelming for many businesses, especially a medical practice. There is no question a practice will be best served by focusing their marketing efforts on creating a strong internet presence. Social Doctor has been invaluable to Anton MD Aesthetics in helping us to rise above the cyberspace fray and get noticed. However, it is our internal marketing that gives our practice its lasting edge.

What exactly do I mean by internal marketing?

Quite simply, it’s our ability to build patient relationships.

Plastic surgery and Aesthetic Medicine is highly competitive in Newport Beach, California. As one patient so aptly described the Southern California market, “You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a plastic surgeon.” (I apologize to the cat lovers for the reference but it does get the point across!) In addition to a larger number of plastic surgeons, there are med spas, dermatologists, nurse practitioners, cosmetic surgeons, family doctors and even dentists that practice aesthetic medicine. They too are spending time, money and energy on rising above the fray.

Technology is an incredible business building tool, but it’s not the key to our success. Our people are. We emphasize that every new patient to call our office is an opportunity to create a new and lasting relationship. How we talk to patients, educate them, build their trust and how well we anticipate their needs, is the true marker of our practice’s success. We never lose perspective on the importance of interpersonal skills and communication. It may seem obvious, but in this day and age when such a high premium is placed on acquiring computer skills, we sometimes forget the power of people skills.

Social Doctor’s Take

Tracy is spot on…the secret ingredient to building a successful practice boils down to patient care and relationships. Social Doctor helps healthcare practices build a better patient experience with your marketing. Most importantly our goal is to tell your story. What differentiates your practice from the next? How can we match your marketing with your reputation? The patient experience extends beyond the consultation room. Great marketing is about conceptualizing the patient experience from beginning to end. Want to learn more, schedule a consultation with our team.