The most valuable Google Analytics reports

Marketing without measuring the results is a recipe for disaster. Too many healthcare practices invest in marketing but don’t take track the results. Google Analytics is by enlarge the most common and easy-to-use program available. It takes copious amounts of data and distills it down into easy-to-understand reports. But what are the most important marketing statistics to measure?

Website traffic overview

The website traffic overview focuses on the basics of the audience that are interacting with your website. How many potential patients are visiting your webpage, how many pages did they view, what was the average duration in your website, which page was the last one that they visited, and the percentage of new sessions.

Website traffic by source

Once you know that people are visiting your webpage, one of the most important elements is to find out exactly how they got there. The website traffic originates from three primary sources: search traffic, direct traffic, and referral traffic. The search traffic is derived from the search results done by a search engine (Google, Bing, and Yahoo). Direct traffic comes from typing the exact address into the browser abstaining from the use of a search engine. And referral traffic are prospects that got into your website from a 3rd party site that is not a search engine.

Referral traffic

This report is very valuable when you are analyzing the performance of the 3rd party sites that you are working with, whether they are free (Facebook) or paid ones (WebMD). It breakdowns the traffic that the 3rd party websites are redirecting to your website and it gives you a very clear result to weigh the cost vs benefits when hiring a paid one.

Page popularity

The page popularity report ranks all the pages that exist in your medical practice website and it ranks them in order of popularity. Popularity meaning the number of page views during a certain amount of time. With this statistic, you are able to see which one of your pages has the most and least traffic, and from then on you are able to create strategies to try to persuade them to interact with the pages of your preference. The “contact us” page being an example of the ones that you should focus on.

SEO keyword positions

This aspect analyzes the quality of the keywords that you are employing to generate traffic. As mentioned previously, a way of getting into your medical practice’s website is through Google (or any other search engine), and some of your potential patients do it not by writing your URL, but by typing certain keywords. Knowing on what words to emphasize gives you a significant advantage to build up content around it and generate more exposure.

Our Team
July 1st, 2022