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The benefits of professional photography on your marketing are significant

Photoshoot for orthopedic surgeon Dr. Alexander Vap

Professional photography plays a significant role in elevating your marketing. The benefits can not be understated. Here are the primary benefits of quality, original photography:

A modern first impressions

High-quality professional photography makes a strong first impression.¬†Original photography is an indicator that your practice has the professionalism, resources, and time to invest in your marketing and therefore it’s assumed your making the same investments in the patient experience.

Competitive differentiation

Take a quick look at your competitors’ marketing. Do they have professional original photography? The likelihood is they don’t. Very few healthcare practices realize the value of professional photography and instead rely solely on stock photography. Having high-quality professional photography immediately differentiates your marketing from your competitors.

Conversion, conversion, conversion

Professional photos can significantly enhance the design of your marketing. They can make a website or ad more attractive, engaging, and effective in converting visitors to customers. Whereas, poor-quality images can turn potential customers away. High-quality images are also essential for maintaining a strong presence on visual-based social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. They can attract more followers, increase engagement, and boost social media marketing efforts.

Communicate your brand persona

Consistent, high-quality photography helps to create a distinctive and recognizable brand image. This can help to reinforce your brand persona. If your persona is approachable and friendly, you want the models in the photographs to be warm and smiling. If your persona is sleek and modern, you want the models to be dressed accordingly.

Support content marketing

Blogs, articles, and other types of content can be more engaging and memorable when they include professional photos. They can also help to illustrate and enhance the main points of an article.

We live in a visual world and as humans we are visual beings. Studies show that we remember 80% of what we see, 20% of what we read and 10% of what we hear. James Bass, Creative Director

Fortunately, producing quality photography is not only inexpensive but also easy with our help. Social Doctor can help your healthcare practice to plan, coordinate, and execute high quality photography. Don’t settle for mediocre, generic marketing materials. Schedule a marketing conversation.


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June 21st, 2023
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