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Let’s elevate healthcare, together.

Social Doctor aims to be the leading digital marketing agency in healthcare. We strive to produce the best work for the best clients. Accomplishing our goals is only possible with the help of a talented and disciplined team. Below is a list of our open positions. If you don’t see any opportunities listed that fit your background, contact us anyway. We’re always looking to connect with talented, like-minded people.

Social Doctor is expanding our sales and consulting team. We are looking for individuals who are ambitious, intelligent, organized and very well spoken. Successful candidates will gain invaluable experience in sales, marketing and healthcare. Apply now.

Content is king! Great design is nothing without great content. Well written content can educate, evoke emotion and prompt action. We’re looking for educated individuals interested in writing healthcare focused content for the everyday patient. Apply now.

Great design furthers credibility, creates clarity and simplifies the user experience. We’re looking for talented graphic designers with experience in web design to help conceptualize and design award winning medical websites, email newsletters and more. Apply now.

Hungry individuals looking to break into the advertising and marketing industry. The classroom can only teach you so much. There is no substitute for hands on experience. Interns will gain invaluable experience in marketing, advertising and healthcare. Apply now.

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