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Crafting the perfect email marketing campaign

Author: sdadmin

Email design and content distribution

One of the basic design tips when you are creating an email marketing campaign is consistency. If you take a good amount of time coming up with the ideal typography and palette of colors to use on your webpage, you’re likely to use the same ones again. Bringing consistency to your emails enhances the identity of your business.

After polishing every detail in the creation of your content, you definitely have to place all the components in the correct area of the email. There has to be a clear correlation between the textual information and the visual content. You would not want the images to steal the spotlight of your information or vice versa.

Science reports that we respond faster and better to images than plain text. Therefore, adding visual support to your emails not only will it make it more appealing but it will give you more of an opportunity to captivate the reader’s attention.

The purposes and intentions of the emails

The emails of a marketing campaign have to fulfill three purposes:

  • To educate the readers about a certain subject
  • To show previous projects that you have made
  • To approach to the customers with an offer

The educational content intends to inform the readers about the business’ related subject, to provide tips about certain matters, to know what to do or what not to do in certain affairs. In short, its purpose is to educate them about various types of topics.

Presenting the projects you made to your potential customers may be the decisive element to close down a deal, so give the people a glance of what you can do, illustrate them with your work repertoire.

Lastly, the ultimate reason for doing an email marketing campaign is to convert readers into buyers. There’s no secret in that. And a way to ease that experience is to try to attract the readers with different types of offers.

There are two intentions of an email coming out of an email marketing strategy. It either has a purchase topic or a non-purchase topic. A purchase topic will try to engage you with discounts, sales or special promotions. The non-purchase topic tries to engage you in a different way. It can inform you about the current status of the company, the new projects that they are working on or educate you about different subjects.  Whichever you choose, always be clear to what you are stating to your users.

Two value propositions

What happens if the good or service that you are offering does not engage the reader? You might as well mark that email as a fail attempt on converting it into a transaction. Providing the correct value to the user is a complicated task, so why offer only one? Having two value propositions in an email increases the probability to catch the user’s attention. It is basically giving you a second chance to engage the reader. Besides, with a proper mix of value propositions, you instantly eliminate the sense of monotony that can be perceived with the email marketing campaigns.

Email frequency

Once the emails are ready to be sent, you need to correctly analyze when to send them. It is all about good timing. For example, if you were a bar and you are trying to promote your business’ happy hour, the perfect timing would be to send the emails a few minutes before the people start leaving their offices. Statistics show that the emails received on a Monday have the least opening rate, followed by Fridays. The ideal days are between Tuesdays and Thursdays. The last one being the day with the highest opening rate.