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Lizeth’s Biography

Account Manager

Lizeth is a true San Diegan. She recently graduated cum laude from the University of San Diego with a double major in Business Administration and Marketing and a minor in French. Her education and skills allowed her to gain a strong sense of the marketing field and helped her become a valuable addition to the company. She had the opportunity to study abroad and travel across Europe through University of Virginia’s Semester at Sea program where she achieved an enhanced global understanding and international network useful for all types of business.

As account manager at Social Doctor, she has the opportunity to create and maintain successful business relationships with new and existing clients. She conducts marketing analyses, quality assurance, and contributes to business development projects. Working with such highly regarded doctors has sparked her interest in learning more about the healthcare industry.

During her free time, she enjoys playing the guitar, singing, dancing, tennis and practicing yoga. She also likes reading books about psychology and philosophy. She finds learning languages fascinating and very easy.  She speaks Spanish, French, Italian and a little bit of Russian. She looks forward to traveling again in the near future. Her next stops include Austria, the Czech Republic and Ukraine.