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Our story

We are Social Doctor – a premier healthcare marketing agency, excelling in design, search (SEO) and social media. We believe that healthcare is not a commodity. Rather, there is a significant difference in the quality of service between providers. Your marketing should truly represent what makes you exciting and different. We help doctors and healthcare brands tell their story through a wide range of products and services designed to increase financial success and foster better relationships. Website Design, Social Media Marketing, and Search Engine Optimization are a few tools at our disposal to help our clients accomplish a more altruistic goal: helping people.

We don’t get bogged down in all the marketing jargon; we get to the heart of what makes you different.

Since our humble beginnings in 2010, we have continued to fuel and create relationships with top doctors and brands both in the United States and internationally. From reproductive medicine to dentistry to corporate America, Social Doctor believes in providing comprehensive marketing strategies that focus on producing tangible results. All our products and services are designed to create better patient experiences and grow our client's businesses.

Our management team

Writers, developers, designers, all around a talented group.

James Bass Founder / Creative DirectorInfo

Natasha LaBeaud Anzures Lead WriterInfo

Paul Bradley Smith Business DevelopmentInfo

Lizeth Juvera Account ManagerInfo

Hugo Guerrero Lead DeveloperInfo

Boogie Santos Lead DeveloperInfo

Debra Druby Office ManagerInfo

Careers Search CareersInfo

We're a new kind of marketing agency

"It's about the details. Telling a story by mixing great design and content."James Bass, Founder - Social Doctor

"Great news on the website. Phone calls and email submissions coming directly through the site are blowing up. It's awesome."Sharon McCloud, CMO - NCCRM