Valley Integrative Pharmacy

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About Valley Integrative Pharmacy Rx

Valley Integrative Pharmacy (VIP) was the first integrative pharmacy on the east coast. VIP is a throwback to the days when you knew your pharmacist by name. They provide traditional pharmacy needs including compounding, pain management, plus wellness services such as anti-aging, natural beauty and nutritional care.

Marketing Challenges & Goals

Valley Integrative Pharmacy was going through a transitional period during which they were completely remodeling and modernizing their brick and mortar locations. Along with the modernization of their pharmacy stores they needed a digital marketing presence that matched. The goal of the remodel both in-store and digitally was to articulate their mission.

To wholly integrate the traditional pharmacy model with alternative treatment options for the welfare of our patients.

The Strategy

Valley Integrative Pharmacy’s project included a new website design, social media branding and email marketing campaign. The inspiration for the design came from their existing logo and newly designed pharmacy interior. The brand image could be summed up in a few words: holistic, environmentally friendly and natural. We used their green color pallet and subtle textured patterns in their design to convey a natural almost organic aesthetic. Once the website design was complete we extrapolated the image over into their social media and email marketing for a truly consistent brand experience.