University of Texas Medicine

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Engaging Content Strategy

About UT Medicine

UT Medicine is made up of the primary care doctors and the specialists from the faculty of the School of Medicine at the UT Health Science Center San Antonio. They are an academic medical practice. The Mayo Clinic and MD Anderson are both academic medical practices. UT Medicine’s team consists of more than 700 doctors, representing more than 100 different types of medical specialties and subspecialties.

Marketing Challenges & Goals

UT Medicine is a large, well respected healthcare and research facility. They have an entire marketing team in house responsible for numerous marketing strategies. Even with their own internal capabilities Social Doctor was able to add value. UT Medicine tasked Social Doctor with developing an on-going content strategy to promote their cardiology, oncology, orthopedics, plastic surgery and general medicine specialties. The goal of the strategy was to provide educational ongoing content in the form of blog articles that would be both engaging for patients and contribute to their SEO.

The Strategy

With so many topics to write about creating a content strategy required in depth research. The key was zeroing in on the topics that were both engage to the reader but were also ripe for SEO exposure. In addition, we wrote numerous articles in batches to adhere to a premeditated publishing schedule. This allowed well written educational content to be strategically released over time, keeping their readers engaged.