Angela Osborn, DDS

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About Angela Osborn, DDS

A strong, healthy, beautiful smile… it’s what everyone wants. At Angela Osborn, DDS, they believe that the doctor and patient need to work as a team to address whole-mouth health, from general and cosmetic dentistry needs to the effect of oral health on the entire body. Dr. Osborn is a single practitioner with an exceptional all female dental staff.

Marketing Challenges & Goals

When we first began marketing discussions with Dr. Osborn, her practice’s website was a template design from turnkey dental marketing agency. The design and content had been used multiple times for dental practices throughout the country. The duplicate content hindered her SEO efforts and the unoriginal design resulted in few new patients.

The Strategy

The strategy for Dr. Osborn was to develop a solid marketing foundation including a newly designed website and original content that could be built upon. As a single practitioner, we wanted to keep costs low without cutting corners. We designed and developed a new website and mobile application that represented her brand. We wrote all new dental content for her services and created an on-going content strategy to fuel her SEO.