North Carolina Center for Reproductive Medicine

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About North Carolina Center for Reproductive Medicine

The North Carolina Center for Reproductive Medicine (NCCRM) is the premiere center for reproductive health in North Carolina and the East Coast. It was established in 1992 to provide advanced reproductive techniques to couples who dream of having a child of their own.

Marketing Challenges

After meeting Sharon McCloud the CMO of NCCRM at ASRM we knew Social Doctor would be a great fit. Sharon and Dr. Toma are consummate professionals in their field of healthcare and needed Social Doctor’s assistance with designing and developing a new well organized website. NCCRM wanted to promote their traditional reproductive medical services as well as a very specialized procedure Tubal Reversal Surgery that they’re known for nationally.

The Strategy

One of the key factors to SEO is content. The more well written original content you have the better. With over 500 pages of content NCCRM had a tremendous asset, however it was very poorly organized. We started by mapping out their content and user navigation. They wanted a design that was personal and not to clinical. Through a warm color pallet and smiling models we created a website that immediately positively impacted their bottom line.