North Carolina Specialty Hospital

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Responsive Hospital Website Design

About North Carolina Specialty Hospital

North Carolina Specialty Hospital (NCSH), is a private, physician-owned medical center that opened its doors in 1926. They have 18 licensed beds, 9 observation beds and more than 40 physicians on staff. They offer surgical specialties in orthopedics, ophthalmology, ear, nose and throat, sports medicine, and more.

Marketing Challenges & Goals

NCSH was initially referred to us from another satisfied client, Triangle Orthopaedics. Historically, the majority of their business has come from physician and patient referrals; a testament to their reputation in the community and the quality of patient care they provide. However, they knew their digital marketing did not reflect their stellar offline reputation. They wanted a modern user-friendly website that met three primary objectives. First, create awareness for the numerous awards and accolades. Second, provide an educational resource for patients. Third, develop an employee portal.

The Strategy

Due to the patient demographic – not tech savvy- this project required simplicity and organization. That does not mean boring. We created a clean design using an extra wide layout of 1280 pixels versus the standard 960. With the extra width we were able to use white space to create a calm, easy to navigate layout, while generating interest using professional photography. Since all our websites are fully responsive we knew patient’s viewing the site on laptops, tablets and mobile devices would find an equally friendly user experience. In addition to a new design, we wrote all new content which reflects all NCSH’s services and procedures. We wrote about each procedure, pre and post operation instructions, the recovery process and more. Lastly we carried the design of their new website into their other marketing collateral materials including Social Media to create a consistent brand.