Dean Wellness Institute

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About Dean Wellness Institute

Dean Wellness Institute has been serving Vero Beach, FL for over 15 years. They focus on providing a holistic approach to wellness and improved health. Melissa Dean, MD owner and manager of Dean Wellness Institute practices internal medicine and general preventative medicine. Dr. Dean is an expert in treating menopause, andropause, hormone replacement and nutrition.

Marketing Challenges & Goals

The Dean Wellness Institute has developed a loyal group of satisfied patients over the course of the past 15 years. However, Dr. Dean wanted to grow the practice and create awareness for new treatment options including chelation and integrative cancer support. The goal of their website marketing strategy was to create a patient-focused educational resource for these integrative services, where men and women could learn about treatment options, including aging gracefully.

The Strategy

When we started working with Dean Wellness Institute they had little educational material available on their services. We knew a large portion of the strategy would be to create educational content explaining each one of their services. Once the content was researched, written and approved we felt like partners with the practice and clearly understood their mission of creating healthier well balanced lives. We used a bold non-traditional color pallet of orange and black for their web design, to convey that they offer integrative services beyond those available in a conventional ‘western medicine’ model.