Arrowhead Women's Center

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Custom Women’s Health Website

About Arrowhead Women’s Center

Arrowhead Women’s Center (AWC) is an Obstetrics and Gynecology (OBGYN) medical practice.  Their mission is to maintain the highest standard in women’s healthcare in a manner that is unfailingly ethical and respectful. They’ve been providing women’s healthcare in Arizona since 1988, and their doctors are affiliated with Arrowhead and Banner Thunderbird Hospitals.

Marketing Challenges & Goals

Arrowhead Women’s Center has been serving their community for more than 25 years. Over that time the majority of their business came from two sources; their reputation and insurance. As competing practices started investing more heavily in digital marketing AWC knew they had to not just keep up but stay the leader. Their goal was to redesign their website and make it a resource for patients to learn about all their services from prenatal care to infertility.

The Strategy

When conceptualizing the website design for AWC we had two inspirations that we wanted to blend together. The first, was the desert landscape which was representative of their practice location – Arizona. The second, was their demographics – women. As their patients are exclusively women we wanted to evoke a feminine aesthetic. We used subtle patterns to mimic the pattern of sand and used a teal and pink color pallet. In addition to the design, we wrote educational content for all of their obstetric and gynecology services.